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Letting Go

a grey squirrel

The chimpanzee loved eggs.  He also ate fruits and flowers, leaves and seeds, but nothing made him pant-hoot quite like a blackbird egg freshly plucked from its nest.


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sand castles

“Someone once told me the definition of Hell: The last day you have on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.”

Every decision you make has an opportunity-cost.  That is, taking one road precludes taking another; staking out one spot for your sand castle implies not building in another.  The question that haunts the soul is: Did I choose the right spot?


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Why I Write

an old typewriter

Friends and family ask why I spend so much time writing.  They either ask:

Why don’t you open up your own practice and make some real money?


Why don’t you just take it easy?

To the first question: Actually, I drew up a business plan a long time ago.  It includes everything from how much starting capital I would need to which cities contain the best patient demographics for my intended style of practice.  But I realized that running a successful business takes all the time one can spare–time that I could spend writing.

To the second question: Actually, I do “take it easy.”  I make time for work, but I also make time for play.

Ok, they say.  But why write in the first place?


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a long road ahead

Discipline is hard to come by. Really hard. It is the virtue that separates the few who do from the many who talk.

It is what separates flat abs from love handles. Getting to work from languishing on the sidelines. Acts of creation from slow deterioration.

Failure is the default. You don’t have to do anything to get it. Do nothing and watch as it creeps up on you gradually, effortlessly, and mercilessly. Laziness is automatic. As is selfishness. And gluttony. No one has to work at being a fat, lazy bum. You just let yourself go and your work is already done.


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stone mask

I hope by now you have decided on a mission. Whether it be to expose abuses of power or to save the rain forest, you must be on your purpose. No purpose is any less than any other purpose, but you must have one. You can always change paths later on if the one you’re walking is not right for you, but it is imperative that you start on a path as soon as possible.


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