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a full gas tank

In my experience, I’ve found only 2 ways to effectively deal with jealousy.  Fortunately (or unfortunately), some of my friends are better-looking than me, taller than me, make more money than me, and are more popular with the ladies…

…Not that it’s a competition, but let’s face it, sometimes it is.  And sometimes, it sure feels like you’re getting creamed.

One way to deal with jealousy is to tear the other person down.  Diffuse.  Detract.  Talk trash.  Obviously this is a very low-level way of coping, but sometimes you can’t help it and boy, does it feel good, am I right?

Just kidding.  Or, perhaps, half-kidding.


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sand castles

“Someone once told me the definition of Hell: The last day you have on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.”

Every decision you make has an opportunity-cost.  That is, taking one road precludes taking another; staking out one spot for your sand castle implies not building in another.  The question that haunts the soul is: Did I choose the right spot?


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Hey guys,

This is my first attempt at making a video. Even though I’m a writer at heart, I thought I would give YouTube a shot for a few reasons:

#1 I want you to see that I am sincere in my communication with you. This is more readily apparent if you can see my face.

#2 I will reach more people who might otherwise not read my blog.

#3 In line with my philosophy of being progress-oriented, I wanted to challenge myself to try something outside of my comfort zone.

Anyway, I hope you like it. I woke up 3 hours early before work so that I could get good lighting in that location for you guys.


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Age of the Polymath

world map on chalkboard

“A man can do all things if he will.”
-Leon Battista Alberti

For better or worse, the world is heading towards increased globalization. A global marketplace means more competition among employers to create better products at cheaper costs. A global workforce means more competition among employees for the same jobs. I am not an economist, but I do know that when there is more competition, you have to make yourself more competitive in order to stand out. This could mean going back to school, entering a new field, or even just learning a new skill within the field in which you already work.


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winter beach

What goes on in your head when you don’t do the right thing?

I’ve been asking myself this question whenever I’ve failed to act in accordance with my stated goals. You know what you should do, I tell myself, but you don’t always do it. I know you, reader, have been through the same thing, because we are human, and by our nature we are imperfect.


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