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A golf ball

So I started taking golf lessons recently. My first thought was, “My god, this is an expensive hobby.” My second thought was, “Good god, this is an expensive hobby!” And my third thought was, “Why am I so bad at this?!” I had no idea I could actually be so inept at something at which I thought I was fairly adept. I spent an entire lesson trying to achieve a single proper swing with an 8-iron club. Even by the lesson’s end, I was unable to make the needed corrections to my form. Searching for encouragement within my demoralized brain, I came upon the legendary Bruce Lee.


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New Domain Name

Gears in motion

Hey guys,

I’ve been busy doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work on my blog, including now, a new domain name!  Please update your bookmarks and watch as my blog climbs back up to the top of Google’s search engine ranking.

I’ve also been busy working on my life: losing weight, social and career networking, exploring Los Angeles with my girlfriend, etc.  But don’t worry, I’ll be back soon with many more posts for you guys!


A. T. Bui

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Your Final Need

Stone spiral

This is a follow-up to my previous post, Live a Life of Balance.

Assuming you already live a life of balance, you may find that you still yearn for something else. Most needs, though essential to your happiness, are inherently self-serving. You seek to fill areas of your life in which you perceive a lack. But what happens when your life is full, when your needs have already been met? That is when you become aware of one final need, a need that is inherently selfless. It may not be necessary to bring happiness to your life, but it is certainly necessary to give it meaning. It is: the need to contribute.


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A balanced stack of stones

Many years ago I had what I like to call “My best summer ever!” It was a period of 2 months where despite having no girlfriend, I felt a deep sense of happiness. In fact, my level of joy was so unprecedented and pervasive that I felt compelled to ask myself, “Why am I so happy anyway?”

The answer I uncovered was a series of needs that I had been meeting on a consistent basis…


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The Price of Success

Heart tags

People have a strong tendency to only value the things that they’ve worked for. If something is obtained without effort, they will likely take it for granted, neglect it, and occasionally even harbor contempt for it! It’s no surprise then, that the reverse holds true as well.


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