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2012 celebration

If what you did yesterday seems big, you haven’t done anything today.
-Lou Holtz

With the new year upon us, new year’s resolutions will abound.  But most of the time, there’s nothing new about our resolutions.  They’re simply verbalizations of what we’ve always wanted.  If you have unmet expectations or unrealized dreams from previous years, take this opportunity now to renew your commitment: to escape mediocrity and live a better life.

You’ve started the race and that is more than many would have done.  Now, continue the race.  Don’t look back with regret towards the past.  Don’t look forward with anxiety towards the future.  Just keep one foot in front of the other and keep moving.

Happy New Year!


The Cool Nerd

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1 big silhouette and 3 small silhouettes

Most of us have had the (dis)pleasure of working for someone at some point in our lives.  Some people are a delight to work for and you don’t even feel like you work for them.  These are the so-called good bosses.

Others make your job miserable, milking their work status in order to bleed you dry.  These are the so-called douche ba—I mean, bad bosses.

Employers are rarely just one or the other; they’re usually a mix.  Nonetheless, let’s look at how these prototypes handle different scenarios to see what we can learn.  Though most applicable to managerial skills, with a little reflection, you’ll find that these lessons extend to your personal and even romantic life.


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Moving On

A moving truck in a tunnel

It’s official:

I’m moving back to California at the end of this week.

A good friend of mine once said she felt thankful whenever moving was painful.  Because it hurts, you know that you met people who were important to you and had experiences that were meaningful to you.  And that is a beautiful thing.

I’ve spent the last six and a half years of my life here and I’m finally ready to move on.

Goodbye New York.  You will be sorely missed.


A. T. Bui

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Face Life Head-On

white water rapids

When I was younger, I often ran away from hardship.  I went to my room and either got lost on my computer or I went straight to bed.  I played the waiting game, hoping my problems would disappear.  Either that, or I convinced myself that conditions would improve on their own.

And you know what?  Most of the time my problems would disappear and conditions did improve, without any effort on my part.  My mother would do my science projects for me.  My brother would fix my computer.  And my best friend would let me copy his homework.


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Google Superfoods

Cinnamon sticks

The last time I went to McDonald’s was about 4 years ago. I had a Big Mac, 10 chicken nuggets with BBQ dipping sauce, and a large order of fries. I don’t remember what my girlfriend got, but I had some of that too. How was it you ask?

I’ll be honest, it was delicious.

But almost immediately afterwards, I felt awful. I could taste a greasy residue in my mouth and the sweat beading up on my forehead felt like oil droplets. I walked out of the “restaurant” heavy and sluggish as if I were wearing 3 layers of clothing and snowboarding pants when I just had on a t-shirt and jeans. I felt absolutely disgusting for the rest of the night.


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