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Why I Write

an old typewriter

Friends and family ask why I spend so much time writing.  They either ask:

Why don’t you open up your own practice and make some real money?


Why don’t you just take it easy?

To the first question: Actually, I drew up a business plan a long time ago.  It includes everything from how much starting capital I would need to which cities contain the best patient demographics for my intended style of practice.  But I realized that running a successful business takes all the time one can spare–time that I could spend writing.

To the second question: Actually, I do “take it easy.”  I make time for work, but I also make time for play.

Ok, they say.  But why write in the first place?


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Be a Real Friend

looking up at a palm tree

I am writing this to a friend as much as I am writing this to myself.

Anyone can criticize.  It’s easy (and sometimes gratifying) to tear someone apart, finding fault with anything that doesn’t conform to your ideals and expectations.  What’s difficult, is to turn the looking glass on yourself, to see all the shortcomings and contradictions in your words and actions.  Not that you need to fruitlessly root out every last defect that crops up, but at least be honest with yourself in the areas that matter–areas of your life that you’d like to shine in and in which fabricating self-assuaging stories about why you can’t succeed would delay your ascent.


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four 4 leaf clover

It’s okay to be frustrated,
But don’t you despair.
It’s too late to give up when
You’re over halfway there.


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struggle with life silhouette

I was at Urban Outfitters one melancholic day, thumbing through one of their books, when I came across the following:

“When I hear somebody sigh, ‘Life is hard,’ I am always tempted to ask, ‘Compared to what?’”
-Sydney J. Harris

The first thought that occurred to me was: Compared to death.  Death is way harder.  I don’t want to die.

Then I thought: Wait a minute.  Life is pretty damn hard.


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dance silhouette

Hey guys,

I’m proud to announce that I’ve just reached 25,000 views–almost exclusively through word of mouth!  I could probably attract more views if I wrote about alkaline paleo diets or how to make “bank” while you sleep–but I would rather not prostitute my writing for the sake of views.  I know some high-profile blogs out there might gather 25,000 views in a single day, but I’m just happy to make progress.

I still remember when I was averaging 10 views a day and I suddenly got 26 views on the day I posted “Why Not to Be Racist.”  I was as high as a cloud.  I even told my girlfriend at the time, “I can die happy now.”–no joke.  Later, when I received 248 views on the day I posted “Peace and Fulfillment,” I felt that same high–but no better than before.  One day, when I receive 1,000 views in a single day, it’ll probably feel similar to the day I got 26 views.  It’s all just part of the journey baby.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my friend Adrian Manzano who encouraged me to start a Facebook account in order to have an initial audience for my blog (I used to be anti-facebook).  The first few views trickling in kept me going, especially when my self-doubt was at its strongest.  If you like my blog, the best compliment you can give me is to refer a friend or share your favorite post on facebook.

Thank you all, dear readers, for your support!


A. T. Bui

Next milestone: 50,000 views

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