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Trust Your Temperament

I’m partial to purple. I have a variety of purple shirts, purple ties, purple scarves, and even a pair of purple sunglasses. Initially though, I was a little hesitant about the sunglasses due to all the attention I might attract. My first few times wearing them elicited the hushed and sometimes even public ridicule of strangers. I came close to chucking them, but then I thought, “To hell with what people think! I look good in these!” Once I had made that decision, to own my style through and through, the flow of ridicule mysteriously stopped and the compliments started. Those are now my favorite pair of sunglasses.


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A kiss amidst danger

First, draw lips on your hand and practice. Just kidding. This post isn’t about the actual mechanics of kissing, but rather how to successfully plant that first smooch on your sweetheart-to-be.


Lower East Side, New York City

I’m on the dance floor at La Caverna, absorbed by the loud music and spinning lights.  I feel like a wooden puppet, animated by the energy streaming through me.  Halfway across the room, I spot a slender brunette with a doll face–just my type. I basically like 2 kinds of girls: ones who look adorable, and Katy Perry. Her eyes lock onto mine drawing my body toward her like a helpless lamb being led to slaughter. I grab her hand as our dance rhythms begin to meld. Her eyes are glued to mine like sticky taffy. I can’t help myself.  I go in for the kiss.


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A bigger fire

This is the final post in this series beginning with Part I: Inspiration and continuing with Part II: Ideas. It is meant to be read in order.

Part III: Discipline

Dreams are what get you started. Discipline is what keeps you going.
-Jim Ryan

Without heat, a fire can neither begin nor continue. Discipline, our heat, must be in sufficient supply to allow for the process of burning oxygen with fuel to occur. When overlooked, most endeavors fall short of ever seeing the light of day.


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To understand what I’m working on, see entry 1.

Apparently, waking up a mere 5 minutes early to make my bed is considerably more difficult than I had thought. For the first 4 days, I started out making my bed just fine, but by the 5th day I started to slip. Knowing that I didn’t really have to wake up early, I would hit the snooze button on my phone, giving me another 10 minutes of shut-eye. Now, not only was I not making my bed, but I was also showing up to work 2-3 minutes late!

When I’m only getting 6-7 hours of sleep a night, my groggy, half-conscious mind seems to prefer a few minutes of rest over a nicely made bed. I know I really need 8-9 hours each night, but the problem is I’m always going to bed so late. My solution for the time being will be to set a phone alarm at night that will alert me when it’s time to wrap up whatever I’m doing and hit the hay. Maybe then I won’t have a problem waking up a little early to make my bed. Let’s see how that goes…

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