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Google, Page 1 !!


About 6-8 weeks ago, I googled “cool nerd blog” (my domain name) and couldn’t find my blog anywhere.  I was somewhere beyond page 25.

Last week, the same search put my blog on page 3.

Last night, a search for “cool nerd blog” showed my blog on page 1 of Google!

If you do a search for “the cool nerd”, the website shows up on page 4!  Not bad!

My next target will be to get searches for both “cool nerd blog” and “the cool nerd” to display my blog among the top 3 links.  All I need is for more people to know about the website.

Spread the word!


A. T. Bui

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A grey magnet

This post is a continuation of Secrets of Charisma, part 1 and it is meant to be read in order.

7) Stop correcting.

If he makes a grammatical mistake while he’s arguing with you, don’t correct it just so you can be right about something.

If she doesn’t get the details quite right as she’s recounting your last adventure to a friend, don’t jump down her throat because of a minor detail. If it’s important, you can fill in the gaps or tell your side of the story when she’s finished.

If someone makes a mistake that can’t be corrected, stop bringing it up!  Focus on what you can change, not on what you can’t. Make people feel good about their decisions.


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Thanksgiving, as celebrated in America, traces back to Plymouth colony in 1621. Without the help of the Native Americans, providing seeds to the colonists and teaching them how to fish, half of them would have starved to death. After a good harvest, a feast and thanksgiving was celebrated to honor their good fortune. Since then, it has become customary for U.S. presidents to issue a proclamation of thanksgiving for various things including our peace, our prosperity, and The Constitution. You can read them all here.

What all the proclamations have in common is that Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude. I’m all for ambition, drive, accomplishment, results, results, results, go go go. But a life without pause…


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A thermostat

I went to my local laundromat one day and was pleasantly surprised to see an updated layout. My eyes pored over the shiny tiles that concealed the once drab wall on one side, and the brand-new dryers that now occupied the other. The washing machines had been moved about to allow air flow through a side door that I previously didn’t even know existed. I had heard that a fire broke out about a month ago so I assumed the flames had consumed most of the building. But that was not the case at all.


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Green cat eyes

Jealousy is a beast that must be kept on a leash unless you want to end up on the wrong end of it. There are really 2 aspects to jealousy: (1) antagonism towards someone who has something you want, and (2) a compulsion to guard something you have to prevent its loss. In the first case, the focus is on what you don’t have; in the second, on what you won’t have. For the sake of discussion, we can think of them as Envy versus Fear of Loss.

In a way, Envy is like the good twin that can be allowed a longer leash. The reason being, through deliberate planning and action, envy can transform into unstoppable motivation. An enviable life can be modeled to better your own. You simply need to define the intermediate steps that would bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. For example, if you want to make a billion dollars but it seems beyond your grasp, then first focus on how to make a million dollars. And if a million dollars still seems surreal, then first focus on how to make 100,000 dollars. Keep breaking up your goal into smaller bits until you can emotionally digest it as a possibility.


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