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a full gas tank

In my experience, I’ve found only 2 ways to effectively deal with jealousy.  Fortunately (or unfortunately), some of my friends are better-looking than me, taller than me, make more money than me, and are more popular with the ladies…

…Not that it’s a competition, but let’s face it, sometimes it is.  And sometimes, it sure feels like you’re getting creamed.

One way to deal with jealousy is to tear the other person down.  Diffuse.  Detract.  Talk trash.  Obviously this is a very low-level way of coping, but sometimes you can’t help it and boy, does it feel good, am I right?

Just kidding.  Or, perhaps, half-kidding.


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set of weights

I have a friend who’s a Gamer (video games, not the other kind), and he recently asked, “How do you have time to write, go to the gym, and play video games?  Don’t you work?”

“I dunno,” I told him.  “If it’s important enough, you just find the time.”

Now that I’ve had more time to mull it over, I think a more accurate answer would be: “You make time according to how important it is to you.”


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tsunami warning sign

There’s a concept I like to call HILP (High Impact Low Probability).

I consider an event or activity to be HILP when it has the potential to drastically alter your life, but whose chances of occurring are exceedingly rare.  In other words: High Impact, Low Probability.

An example of a positive hilp is, say, becoming an overnight millionaire from some phone app you created a la “Flappy Bird.”  It’s a life-changing event, but not one you can count on.

An example of a negative hilp might be having your business wiped out by the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis. Again, transformative in scale, while being rare and unpredictable.

I can think of at least 2 applications for this concept:


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