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Blue ripple

What are the attributes of a master?

Confident. You are valuable. You are worthy. Everything from good posture to deep, steady breaths, you exemplify calm. You are relaxed and at ease around powerful men and beautiful women alike. You move with deliberate purpose. You can wait patiently, comfortable in the knowledge that you will eventually get what you want. Therefore, you remain poised and unaffected by temporary setbacks.


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Trust Your Temperament

I’m partial to purple. I have a variety of purple shirts, purple ties, purple scarves, and even a pair of purple sunglasses. Initially though, I was a little hesitant about the sunglasses due to all the attention I might attract. My first few times wearing them elicited the hushed and sometimes even public ridicule of strangers. I came close to chucking them, but then I thought, “To hell with what people think! I look good in these!” Once I had made that decision, to own my style through and through, the flow of ridicule mysteriously stopped and the compliments started. Those are now my favorite pair of sunglasses.


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A grey magnet

This post is a continuation of Secrets of Charisma, part 1 and it is meant to be read in order.

7) Stop correcting.

If he makes a grammatical mistake while he’s arguing with you, don’t correct it just so you can be right about something.

If she doesn’t get the details quite right as she’s recounting your last adventure to a friend, don’t jump down her throat because of a minor detail. If it’s important, you can fill in the gaps or tell your side of the story when she’s finished.

If someone makes a mistake that can’t be corrected, stop bringing it up!  Focus on what you can change, not on what you can’t. Make people feel good about their decisions.


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A Red Magnet

Charisma is all about making people feel good. The more confidence and purpose you can instill in people, the more magnetic you become. It may not be obvious, but respect is a necessary precondition. Think about the most charismatic person you know. Does he not only make you feel good about yourself, but commands your respect as well?

Sucking up, false flattery, or bending over backwards for someone who hardly cares about you is the opposite of charismatic. Don’t be fooled. Though these actions appear to elevate people, your own debasement makes mutual respect impossible. You cannot pull someone up from below; you will merely be stroking their ego.

Charisma comes naturally to some while others have to actively work on it. Those who attract people intuitively understand these secrets, while those who repel do so because they consistently fail to grasp them.

1) Be cool.

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