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A Quick Thank You

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone for reading and following my blog.  Writing for an audience is waaay more rewarding than just keeping a journal.

Thank you to the enthusiastic readers that go back and reread my old posts!  Some of you have already noticed that I do occassionally update my old posts both stylistically and content-wise.  In fact, the second half of my most recent post has already been rewritten.

Special thanks to my commenters, especially Traci Kay, Alex Jones, Mona Lisa, and pinkyjumper123 for your many comments.

And thank you to JJ for your epic comments.


A. T. Bui

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Thanksgiving, as celebrated in America, traces back to Plymouth colony in 1621. Without the help of the Native Americans, providing seeds to the colonists and teaching them how to fish, half of them would have starved to death. After a good harvest, a feast and thanksgiving was celebrated to honor their good fortune. Since then, it has become customary for U.S. presidents to issue a proclamation of thanksgiving for various things including our peace, our prosperity, and The Constitution. You can read them all here.

What all the proclamations have in common is that Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude. I’m all for ambition, drive, accomplishment, results, results, results, go go go. But a life without pause…


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