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I was listening to KIIS FM on my way to work this morning and a listener called in to ask, “Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?”

Katy’s reply was something to the effect of: “If I want to make a change, I just make it–that day. If you wait until January 1st, I feel like you’re setting yourself up.” Then she went on to talk about how she needed to get on the treadmill in preparation for her upcoming tour.

In terms of looks, she’s a 9.

With her personality?


A. T. Bui

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Katy Perry, Part of Me theatrical release poster

So I went to see “Katy Perry: Part of Me” the other day. If you think this might be the girliest movie ever…

…you’d be right. But! You should watch it anyway. The movie begins with kids giving testimony to Katy Perry’s awesomeness while lights sparkle in the background. At first, I did have an incredible urge to leave the theatre lest I spontaneously transform into a teenage girl. And maybe I would have, if not for the fact that I had dragged my girlfriend to go see it with me in the first place.


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