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Goldfish bowl

Have you amazed at many scenes
Of old and past, of things routine?

Like when you’ve made four turns toward right
To gaze at naught with much delight?
Or, one leg fixed, exclaimed “How pretty!”
From whirling thus a full three-sixty?
Or raked with eyes ’til you have captured
Your very own house and been enraptured?
So thought you were alone in this,
But such is life to golden fish.

–A. T. Bui

Zombies. Always eating the same food (brains). Working the same job (stalking the living). Hanging out with the same people at the same place (fellow zombies at the graveyard).


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Endless cubicles!

So tired
If late
Get fired
Why bother?
Why the pain?
Just go home
Do it again
–Norman B. Colp

The above is printed on the ceiling of the Times Square subway station in New York City.

A quick caveat: I like my job, I do. And I do think making money is not only necessary, but also fairly enjoyable. It allows me to buy nice things and fund my many (mis)adventures. But let’s face it. There are times when Work. Just. Sucks. Big time!


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