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I’m Not Going Anywhere

Hey guys,

I just want to let you all know that I’m still here; I’ve just been working on the book.  I let one of my writer-friends read an early draft of one of the chapters and she commented that it was way better than House of Dreams (her favorite post)–to which I replied with: a smile :)

I will be investing most of my free time into the book, but whenever the Blog Muse possesses me, I’ll post something here as well.  So don’t worry.  I’m not going anywhere!  Incidentally, this is the same attitude you should take to execute a successful sale or, arguably, a successful courtship.  That last part of that last sentence could be interpreted in at least 3 different ways, but I’ll just leave it at that.  I’m off to Starbucks to write the next chapter of my book.  Let’s talk more later.


A. T. Bui


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The 8-posts-per-month challenge is officially over!  Traci has decided to shift her attention to writing a second book, which she announced here.  If you missed it, you can check out the original conversation we had in the comments section of this post here, or the challenge announcement on her blog here.  I will still blog as time permits, but I can no longer guarantee a steady stream of 8 posts each month.  Many thanks to Traci as my writing has improved markedly over these last several months!

Next up:

I am going to take a cue from Traci and shift my attention to writing a book as well.  I had actually started this selfsame book in earnest no less than 3.5 years ago, but because my writing was just not at a level I was satisfied with, I scrapped it when I started this blog.  Now that I’ve had more time to explore my ideas and hone my craft, I’m ready to reboot the book.

I have been saving my best insights, my best metaphors, and my best wordplay for this project.  It is going to be story-driven nonfiction like “House of Dreams,” but more eventful, more passionate, and much broader in scope.  The book will paint a more complete picture of what my journey is all about while containing philosophical gems interwoven throughout its narrative.  In short, it will be my blog on steroids, creatine, and ginger all rolled into one.

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