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An hourglass

This is the sequel to the popular post Now, Not Later.

“Knowing is not enough, you must apply; willing is not enough, you must do.”
-Bruce Lee

I used to date a girl who epitomized spontaneity. If I told her she should volunteer, she would walk to the nearest hospital and apply for a position the very next day. If I mentioned skydiving, she would make sure we went as soon as we could both take off from work. If we couldn’t due to inclement weather, she made sure we jumped out of the next available plane.

If I mentioned a particular lounge I wanted to go to, she would call me to meet her as she headed out the door. If she wasn’t allowed in because of her sneakers, she would buy a pair of boots on the way. If she had just come from the gym, she would shower and buy a new outfit before meeting up with me. If she needed makeup, she just dolled herself up at the closest Sephora. If this girl had a bucket list, it was an incredibly short one because everything she did, immediately.


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