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brb said she #3

“I love her,” said the little boy.

“Why?” asked the World.

“Because she is beautiful,” said he.

“Is she really?” challenged the World. “What makes it so?”

“Because I love her,” said the little boy.

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brb said she #2

“I can’t sleep,” said the little boy.

“So just lay here,” said the little girl.

“But that’s not as good as sleeping,” said he.

“It’s still nice,” said she.

“What is?” asked he.

And she reached out and held his hand.

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brb said she #1

The little girl let go of the big red balloons.

“Why did you do that?” asked the little boy.

“It doesn’t matter,” said she.

The little boy looked from her to the balloons, and together they watched the red spots dance and melt into the sky.

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Poem Diem 1

Roses are red,

Opuntia are brittle,

You should write every day,

Even if just a little.

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Domain Name Change

Hi there,

I just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you that my new primary domain is now atbui.com and not choosetotakethejourney.com.  You can still continue to use the old address if you prefer.  The reason for the change is so that atbui.com can eventually become a portal site for other blogs I may be interested in writing besides Choose To Take The Journey.  Also, atbui.com is easier to type :)


A. T. Bui

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