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a swirl of colors on a canvas

He spins around and walks back toward his room. I hear his laughter echoing from down the hallway, “Haha-haa!”

I turn back, but I can’t resummon the mental image I had created. There’s nothing but a vast emptiness to my small room.

“Bui, get ready!” Goethe yells from inside his room.

“For what?” I yell back.

“We’re going out!”


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Nearly 2 years had gone by and all of the guys had moved out, all except me and George. Ever the people-connector, he recruited a new member into our fraternity. He embodied the dynamism of Jake, the carefree presence of Brady, the conviction of George, and the passion of Manny. He was big, larger than life, and his name was Goethe.



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Have you lost your job recently? Did you and your girlfriend just break up? Are you feeling ill?

If any of this is true, you might be feeling a little under the weather right now, a bit overwhelmed by the weight of the world. The fact that you will pull through, I have no doubt. I believe that everyone has a vast reservoir inside their soul just waiting to be tapped. But let’s not just pull through, but strut through, in style. I am not suggesting that you ignore the hurricane; I am suggesting that you get indoors and make preparations for the coming harvest.


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